Daily Rates and Package hunts include the following:
1.    Full time services of a licensed professional hunter
2.    Ground transportation, hunting vehicles and fuel
3.    Pick up and drop off at Airport upon conformation
4.    Field Preparation of trophies and delivery to local Taxidermist
5.    All licenses and permits needed

Daily Rates and package hunts does not include the following:
1.    Trophy fees ( package hunts include the trophy fees of the animals mentioned in the specific package )
2.    Firearms and ammunition
3.    Taxidermy, dipping, packing, administration or shipping of trophies.
4.    Domestic or international air travel
5.    Personal expenses: gratuities, curious etc.
6.    15% Vat on daily rates only – (not package hunts )

Payments and Deposits

A clients hunting safari are considered booked when full payment is made in order reserve dates as beforehand discussed and agreed upon with Tswelela.  

Payment of $ US 1000 per hunter is needed in order to reserve dates for a safari hunt with Tswelela. Payment of $ 300 per non hunter is needed.

The outstanding balance is due on the last day of the hunt.

Payment form need to be discussed prior to the safari trip.


Clients are liable to pay in full for wounded animals that are not recovered. An animal is considered wounded when blood is found in an area after a shot/s were fired at an animal/s in that specific area.

Our Professional Hunters will endeavor to get clients the best possible opportunity, but we cannot be held responsible for poor shooting that results in hunting time lost searching for wounded game.

Be assured that our Professional Hunters will do their outmost best in tracking and recovering wounded game. This practice normally involves the use of our combined efforts of several farmhands and trackers.

Clients must abide by the decision of our Professional Hunters to kill any animal that the client had shot at and wounded, if the Professional Hunter is of the opinion that the animal is a threat to human life, might cause severe or fatal injury to hunting dogs, is suffering or may escape and not be recovered. However, our Professional Hunters will do their best to get Clients into position to finish off wounded animals.

Firearm safety is top priority and at all times the responsibility of the client. It is advisable to keep the bolts of rifles open when driving in a vehicle or in and around the lodge.

Due to past experiences with hand loaded ammunition we would strongly recommend clients to field test hand loads ahead of time.

We do not allow the use of any alcohol while out hunting in the bush.

Smoking can start “veld fires “in some areas during certain times of the year. We encourage clients to consult with their Professional Hunter first, and inquire if it is safe to smoke in that specific area.

Although there are good medical doctors, hospitals and pharmacies within 90 minutes’ drive from our lodge, we encourage clients to declare any allergies and medical problems they might have, and to document to us, before the hunt commence, any prescribed medicine that they are using at the time.

Different horses for different courses, so do different species of animals require different hunting tactics .Taking every client’s  fitness level, medical condition, age and shooting ability  into separate consideration, we decide upon the most effective hunting tactic to use under the specific circumstances, in combination  with the best suitable hunting area for the specie of game requested.

Considering that hunting is a potentially dangerous sport, clients must be aware of the fact that there are always certain risks involved when hunting at Tswelela. It is thus our recommendation to obtain insurance for the following: emergency medical evacuation, accidental death, major medical disability, trip cancellation and damage or loss to equipment or trophies hunted.

Clients would be asked and must agree to sign an indemnity form before hunting will commence. Although our staff is responsible and experienced, Tswelela cannot be held responsible for any accident happening or loss occurring during a safari.

Tswelela  have a non refundable cancellation policy. However, we are willing to schedule alternative hunting dates within the same year that are mutually acceptable. If mutually accepted hunting dates cannot be agreed upon, the hunt can be postponed till the following year.

Should a client wish to change an animal in one of our packages for different species of animal on the trophy list, the package animal will be deducted as per pricelist (less 25 %)

Should a client not have bagged an animal /s in his /her package at the end of a hunt, the price of the specific animal/s will be deducted as per pricelist (less 50%) when payment is settled.

Clients of Tswelela  agree herewith to have either read through our website or have signed a hunting contract in order to confirm that they understand the contents and that these contents are considered binding.


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